Traveller Stoves - Deposit*

  • $50000
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Stove’s make an excellent edition to any semi-permanent glamping set-up and are a wonderful investment. Having heat inside, to stave off the morning chill, dries out your tent and a dry tent means less chance of damp, keeping your canvas dry and healthy!

The Traveller stove is made in the UK and available exclusively in Australia through Lotus Belle tents.

  • The Traveller stove is a portable multi fuel stove for heating & cooking
  • Glass window means you can see your fire burn
  • Multi tool with 4 x 500mm long 4" flue sections and cowl
  • The Traveller Stove with the wings, tray and extension weighs 29kg
  • The Flue kit weighs 5.8kg
  • The stove dimensions are 400mm wide, 440mm deep, 525mm high.
  • With the complete flue kit and cowl on top of the stove the total height is 2.4m  
  • Included full flashing kit for installation into your tent