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Featured on Harpers Bizaar Website for Coachella’s Soho Desert House VIP event attended by Katy Perry, Jenna Malone and Zoe Kravitz

Unique Visits: 3,500,00

Facebook following: 2.2 million

We made BuzzFeed's Top 24 Tents “You'd Actually Love to Camp Out In"

Unique Visits: 1,300,000

Facebook following: 6.3 million

Unique Visits: 3,913,296

Facebook following: 1.1 million

Unique Visits: 219,000

Circulation: 1,715,000

Facebook following: 88K

Circulation: 250,000

Facebook following: 263K

Unique Visits: 500,000

Facebook following: 109,000

Circulation: TBC

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