10 reasons a Lotus Belle tent is better than a bell tent

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1) You can fit a lot more in a Lotus Belle tent. The walls of a bell tent are short meaning the roof incline starts sooner so there is less usable space, whereas that curve we’ve designed to give the “lotus-bulb” look isn’t just for show (although it does look pretty fine), it also gives you plenty of room for furniture or dancing or yoga or whatever you like doing in your Lotus Belle tent. For those with a maths brain the 4m tent is actually 4.5m at its widest point thanks to that curve, which gives heaps more volume. 

2) At 350gsm, the canvas in a Lotus Belle is much thicker and stronger than your average bell tent. This gives your Lotus Belle tent longevity (plenty of customers who use them for glamping sites keep them up for a whole season), and durability (the canvas is also treated with a non-toxic fire retardant and rot/mould-resistent spray).

3) The Lotus Belle groundsheet is like a dish, which hooks on to the lower walls, so water (and bugs) don't get in. A bell tent groundsheet is flat and water gets in a lot easier in heavy rains – and of course those pesky bugs can wander in regardless of the weather. The groundsheet is also 550gsm, which is the same material that they make kayaks out of so we know it’s going to last. Because we’re confident that Lotus Belle tents are pretty good at keeping the rain (and bugs) out – that means we’re pretty confident at telling our customers they can put carpets in them.  

4) The Tardis-like interior of a Lotus Belle tent and high ceilings mean you can do activities like yoga and put more furniture inside. OK there’s no magic really going on here, it’s maths and all to do with that curve. Honestly though, we can’t do the maths – it just seems a whole heap bigger on the inside!

5) The solid design and structure of a Lotus Belle tent means it can be kept up long term (6 months or more in some cases). Because they’re up longer, that means some of our customers have built bases for them and fitted flues for stoves. 

6) With 10 supporting poles, Lotus Belle tents perform really well in high winds. We’ve experienced 70kph winds and the Lotus Belle survived fine – but we’d still suggest that when it gets serious, you seek something a bit sturdier and possibly made of stone. Remember, Lotus Belle tents and tough and strong and much better than bell tents… but they are still tents! 

7) Lotus Belle tents are not mass-produced so we don't compromise on quality. We’re a company that loves camping and wants to do it in style – we’re not going to churn out disposable tents which clog up landfills. These are tents which will stand the test of time and produce memories. 

8) After three summers of trading in New Zealand and Australia we've had no returns. We work well with our customers – and a few have helpfully asked for the odd alteration to make the tents even better. 

9) Lotus Belle tents have separate wall and roof canvasses, which makes it easier to dry them after use. Because bell tents are constructed in one piece, they’re much harder to keep clean before you put them away to store. 

10) The Lotus Belle tent is our own design! It’s sleek, modern and innovative, making it the real “belle” of the campground. Plus it’s good to support a local, independent company!

The verdict: We admit that the bell tent photo isn't the best example and agree bell tents can look stunning, but longevity wise, this picture says a lot!  

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